Each year I pray for a word from God. One that encapsulates what he wants me to learn, grow in, and focus on for the year. My word for 2017 was “connection”. At first I thought it would simply mean forging new relationships and opportunities. Looking back at this year though, I realize that God meant deeper connection with Him and His will, with my existing relationships, with the outdoors, and with forgotten dreams. Here is a little recap of our year!


manitou inclineWe brought in my 26th birthday in typical fashion – exercising and enjoying the outdoors. We did the Manitou Incline and rode EPIC powder at Monarch Mountain.


We began our year with big a dream. We felt God calling us to start a blog. One centered around adventure. Adventure in the form of travel, service, and the outdoors. We wanted to use our combined skills in writing, videography, and photography to inspire others to live an adventurous and intentional life. In March, we finally bought our domain, hosting, and Acts of Adventure was born!


tanzania travel guide orphanagetanzania travel guide orphanage tanzania travel guide orphanageTwo of our dear friends asked us to spend two weeks in Africa with them to film their adoption story. At first we were hesitant, but after praying about it, we heard the Lord so clearly tell us to go. He opened some crazy doors of provision that allowed both of us to go on the trip, and it was a life-changing experience that you can read all about here. After spending 2 weeks in Tanzania, we came home grateful, joyful, but VERY sick. We spent about a week in bed with a bad virus, and several weeks after that doing a parasite cleanse. Yikes.


We spent much of May getting in shape for our summer adventures. We trail ran a lot, cleaned up our diet, and continued to recover from those Africa parasites.


mazatlan mexico travel guideIn June we used our airline miles to fly to Mazatlan, Mexico for our friends’ wedding and to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. We ate A LOT of tacos, swam in the ocean, and reconnected with friends we met during our YWAM DTS. You can read the details of that trip here.


camp and hike three 14ers twin lakes colorado camp and hike three 14ers twin lakes colorado camp and hike three 14ers twin lakes coloradoThis was by far our favorite month of the year because of this epic camping and hiking trip. On July 4th weekend, we drove 5 hours to camp and climb three 14ers near Lake City, CO. 25 miles of hiking in total meant we were in our happy place. I don’t think we stopped smiling the whole time! Read our full trip report to see if it’s something you want to tackle this year!


maroon bells hiking colorado twin lakes camping coloradoWe hiked the Maroon Bells in Aspen with some friends. It was beautiful despite the crowds! Then, we camped at Twin Lakes and played in Buena Vista on our way home. You can read more about the trip here.


September was quite the exciting month! We celebrated Connor’s 26th birthday by spending some time in Buena Vista and Salida and climbing Mount Massive. We were lucky enough to be asked to house-sit a family friend’s amazing house in BV. When we weren’t climbing mountains, we were mountain biking. The only time we stood still that weekend was to drink La Croix in the hot tub under the stars. Then we house-sat Β and dog-sat for our friends in Palmer Lake. We went on lots of hikes with their awesome dog Remi. We also filmed a wedding this month for some amazing people. To top it all of, at the end of the month, we won four free tickets to the S’more Adventure Race. Together with two of our friends, we completed the races’ challenges, which included: trail running, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, canoeing, and a few other fun outdoor feats. It was exhausting and we had an absolute blast! Oh yeah, and we got first place in the co-ed division!


keep it wild impact dayWe partnered with Keep it Wild and became Wild Keepers for our area. This means that every month starting in October, we do a clean-up of a local trail. It has been an awesome way to serve our Colorado Springs community that we love so much! You can watch the video we made of one of our cleanups here.


paint mines colorado photographymountain biking lake pueblo state park mountain biking lake pueblo state parkTo be honest, November and December are kind of a haze of weekend outdoor excursions and family holiday gatherings. Some highlights included Connor getting a new job at Freedom Yurt Cabins, mountain biking at Lake Pueblo State Park, taking nighttime time-lapse photos at the Paint Mines, and eating our first 100% vegan Thanksgiving.

There you have it. 2017 in a nutshell. We’re so thankful for this year and all the experiences it brought. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in 2018. My word for this year is “vision”, and I’m excited and expectant to find out what that will entail. Do you pray for or pick a word for each year? If so, let us know what it is in the comments!



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